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Standard Inclusions

Get a comprehensive IT support package, including 

  • FTL Drive Appliance (including file server, domain controller, business-class firewall)
  • Core Switch
  • Geo redundant backup
  • Productivity Applications
  • 24×7 Managed Endpoint Protection
  • Workday Backup Monitoring
  • Backup Management
  • Systems Administration Support Included

Optional Support

Thinking you need a little extra?  Here are some great add-ons! 

  • Multiple Sites (Additional Firewall Appliance)
  • Business-Class Email
  • Chat Application
  • Password Manager
  • Spam Filtering
  • Anti-Phishing Protection
  • Tech Support (Supported Software)
  • After-Hours Support


How Do I Decide What I need?

Here’s a great scenario to figure it out!


You (small business owner) have hired a security firm to protect a lump of cash that represents your retirement. In discussion with the firm, the question comes up of how much you want to spend and what type of criminal you want to protect again. Your options are:

  • No one – At this level you spend nothing and you get no protection other than security through obscurity.
  • Marv and Harry (the “Wet Bandits”) from Home Alone – these guys have criminal intent, but aren’t particularly skilled. You don’t have to spend a lot to protect against these guys, and we take care of this easily.
  • Tony Soprano – this guy has some serious resources, but not unlimited. Your best bet is to present a small, hard target to encourage him to go after larger, softer targets. This is what we offer.
  • Danny Ocean – this guy cracks into casinos, and if he’s motivated to get to your retirement fund, he’s going to do it. The best we can do is tell if he’s been there and provide clues for the authorities about how he got in, how he got out, and maybe how to catch him. The good news is, we probably present such a small target that it shouldn’t be worth his time to give us another look.